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Life after University

I take my seat at the graduation ceremony after rushing around trying to find a toilet. I squeeze past people through the narrow aisle and sit down. I keep trying to remember the rules. Shake the first person’s hand, but don’t shake the second person’s hand. Also don’t trip over. What if I put my hat on backwards? How embarrassing. I try to cross my legs with the small amount of room that I have. I crash into the chair. No better not do that. My mind is bouncing back and forth between thoughts. Just calm down. I could be nervous or it could be all of the excitement leading up to this day.

It has all come down to this moment. Three years of an emotional roller coaster with triumphs, and failures. It’s not easy to sum up all the good, and the bad. The day I left home was the day I had taken baby steps to becoming independent. No more nice home cooked meals. I had to fend for myself in the world. I packed my bags one day with my blankets in a dustbin bag, and a suitcase filled to the brim. A fresh eyed deer arriving in Wellington ready for new beginnings.


I really was in awe because I had never lived in a town where it was always buzzing. There were so many things to do. The atmosphere was creative, artistic, and people expressed themselves with no hesitation. There were people with curly hair, green hair, pink hair. Paint stained their fingers. Baggy colorful jerseys were worn and big boots. The old fashion was making a come back. People smelt like coffee, old leather jackets, and something else. Something new. I made the time to go exploring as soon as I arrived. Having a sip of a cold drink in a stylish bar. Discovering quirky cafe’s with art all over the walls. Finding little clothing stores. Seeing performances from Matt Corby, and Ed Sheeran. Going to festivals, and soaking up everything the town had to offer. Running home in the rain just to have a cup of tea afterwards. Going to museums, and galleries. Walking on the beach where the sand is jagged and feels like crushed pebbles. There was always something happening in windy Wellington.

I felt like I  was part of the culture it was something special. It felt like my first day of school shopping for stationary, and getting organized. I was enjoying my summer holiday, but slowly the day arrived where I had to go to University by myself. On my first day I knew about two people from back homee. Well this is a good start. I tried focusing on the papers and getting my head stuck into it, but it took time to figure out what I enjoyed. The first year was core papers, and I liked some subjects more than other papers. It was also the year of finding new friends, and going to social gatherings which can sometimes distract from studying. It’s good to have a balance right? One of the best parts for me was meeting so many different people who all have a unique outlook on life. Without them I don’t think it would have been as much fun. Having friends who are supportive, and can make you laugh no matter what mood you’re in are the ones you should never let go. As one of my favourite writers puts it Beau Taplin;

You have always been a good and devoted friend to me. You speak the same language, elevate my spirits, and embrace me despite my many shortcomings. My affections for you are unyielding and true. You are family to me. And I am family to you.

Sometimes words don’t need to be said when you’re in the company of a few good people. The music can be playing, and somehow you’re on the same level where you connect with a simple smile. The late night missions to get takeaways in the freezing cold. Talking or just having a laugh. Everyone has a busy schedule so it feels pretty superb to catch up with a friend knowing they will make a bit of time for you. There was always that one coffee shop we went to on Courtney Place. The hang out spot. I still have those friends from University I kept close to me, and I am always thankful for them because the journey wasn’t over yet.

When the second year rolled around there was no time for messing around. Well except for playing games in drama class that was a good way to unwind. Jumping up and down the room, and balancing pillows was rather hilarious. On a more serious note I had to find myself to figure out my strengths, and weaknesses as a writer. I thought I was good at high school but this was not the same. I was tested. I had to share my work in class in front of peers which was kind of terrifying. Drama, performance, and writing fiction are not my best strengths. I’m not a shy person as such, but in the creative papers for performing I was quite happy to disappear into a corner and pretend to be a pillow. Getting up on a stage to act is a nightmare. In my third year I took a paper which was leading up to the final performance of a play. I did not want to be in it at all. I thought about switching papers, and crying in the corner. With encouragement I persevered and played a villainous character. Even if I was sick with a cold on the day of performance, and sneezing back stage. I was still glad I did it. Performing on stage is meant to boost confidence and help you later in life. Hopefully if I ever have to give any more presentations in front of people, or play a captain with a cool hat I will be prepared. It was a big moment for me and something I can always look back on, and feel proud of.

There are times where I was also not so proud. This is the part where I indulge with the stressful times because three years is a long time. There were a lot of days when I wanted to give up. I got distracted by doubts, and people that weren’t so good for me. I wondered what on earth am I doing here I’m no genius there are plenty of better writers here than me. Not a good way of thinking, but yes it did cross my mind. There are many theories put forward to to say that everyone has their own talents. Give me a pen, paper, or a keyboard. I will write, and write. I don’t think education stops after school. We are constantly learning new things through research, and things that happen in life. Situations we’re put in can test us and make us learn more about ourselves. Like eating out or making your own dinner. The decisions become tough.

I was interested to know what others thought so I asked some friends what they found was the most stressful part of University. Exams? Getting no sleep? The workload can be a bit daunting, and it depends on the type of degree as well. The most common answer;

Trying to have a social life, have a job, and get good results.

Those C’s don’t get degrees! It is a challenge getting a workload of study done. Some students I knew had two jobs along with studying. Or they would study all day, and at night then somehow go out to a birthday party or a function. Where they got all of that energy from amazes me. Perhaps it’s the pure instinct to survive. To make ends meet drives people to work hard, and earn that well needed money. Somehow I managed to have jobs, and study at the same time. Massey even sends cute emails to say well done your grades are good! If I could go back in time to give myself some advice, and anyone planning on studying it would be the following;

  • I found it hard going to bed at a reasonable hour so don’t study late get some rest.
  • Get enough sleep take lots of vitamins.
  • Don’t bother with umbrellas.
  • The cafe’s can be a bit expensive so a packed lunch and snacks are always good.
  • Quiet snacks in lectures are good, but not crunchy crackers in the library I got stares for doing that.
  • Although a student budget is limited I did try to eat well with proper food, and chocolate of course.
  • Browse for flats on Trademe, and there are Facebook groups with lots of posts.
  • Studylink. Lots of forms and paperwork so apply early.
  • If you’re struggling with finding work check out this website studentjobsearch I found all of my jobs on there it’s an amazing way to help students. Why struggle when there are hundreds of jobs out there?

Personally I believe University put me through a test where I had to choose whether or not I would succeed. I could have walked away at any given time, but by staying committed and following my passion. I hope one day I can use it for something I like to do. I wouldn’t have met the great teachers, and friends who helped me through. I wouldn’t have become more independent, and hopefully now I’m a bit more mature. I still enjoy Disney movies though I watched a lot of those during the University holidays. Overall I made the right choice taking the plunge. Don’t worry about the money or student loan because some people spend the equivalent on a car or something else. At least my degree is something I can hold onto it won’t break down or get stolen. It’s worth a lot more. Dive in to the challenge and don’t be afraid!

I’m brought back to the present moment when the speaker calls out my degree. There are only about four of us in this first ceremony. After a few hours of clapping and proud yells from the audience “That’s my Grandson!” It is our turn to get up. I stop fiddling with my hat and walk up to the stage to collect my degree. My family are clapping in the background. I get to graduate with my best friend which is priceless. It’s more than just money or education. It’s a ongoing journey. A curiosity to learn more. This is only the beginning.






August. It’s a new month like the smell of mouthwash breath. Fresh. Here are a few goals and improvements I’m working on for this month.

You can climb that staircase!

Keep my friends close
Sometimes studying, and other things can get in the way of seeing friends. Working late every weekend means I miss out on friends gatherings. So I’m sorry to my friend’s birthdays I may have missed. Plus most of my friends study as well so our catch ups always take a rain check. Just little things like a catch up and going to see a movie means a lot. To those I may not have seen in awhile I have not forgotten you. I will most likely be sending a friendly text your way soon.

Be a better person
Not everyone is perfect we can’t be happy all the time. Stress, lack of sleep, and work. It can take it’s toll. We won’t get a long with everyone, and some people just aren’t meant to stay friends. I don’t want people close to me to bear the wrath of my moods. I suppose you sign up for everything in a relationship, and a friendship. For good or bad times. You should be there whether they’re crying, and laughing on your shoulder. I want to feel better, and be better to those around me. To be kinder to myself instead of thinking something isn’t good enough. You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first right?

Write on my blog more
I abandon my poor blog for weeks or months at a time. Even if it is short or long blog, I hope to keep it going and make people laugh. Make them think. Even inspire them somehow.

Look for more writing opportunities
I’m at University studying the creative writing papers, and it’s great. I have learnt a lot so far. I want to actually gain experience whilst studying otherwise I’ll graduate and be sitting on the pavement with a half eaten snickers bar wondering what to do. I got close to getting an internship so it shows I can do it if I keep trying.

Do my best at University
I am in my second year of studying ,and am proud of how far I’ve come. Cute emails are sent from Massey saying I have “good grades” which surprised me, no complaints there.

Find a cause
Everyone on Facebook seems to have a passionate cause, such as “don’t eat meat!” or they have strong views on not wearing real fur. I want to find that. To find something to feel strongly about. To  encourage people to feel the same way as well. I am currently attending an inspiring workshop each Wednesday about women and leadership. Everyone has an interesting story there. It is good to know there are women who work hard to do what they love. Perhaps I will realize what cause I want to fight for.

Don’t be lazy
I’m taking small steps at getting back to the gym.I may not have the time to be a gym junkie and go everyday but at least 2-3 days a week is the aim with my favourite thing on the side. Pilates workouts at home. Where I can sweat and do funny looking moves without anyone judging me. I did a 1000 squats challenge the other day after no exercise for about three months. The next day the pain was real. I loved the feeling of it in a way. The accomplishment and just doing it without making excuses.

Spend less
A magic trick happens each week. I have money then poof it’s gone. Basically all of it goes on food which is unnecessary. I’m back to following a list with plenty of good stuff which goes along side my fitness goals. Hopefully it will save me some money as it did before. Which means I’ll have more money for other things, win win.

Don’t make excuses
I stay in my safe shell a lot of the time not ready to try things I haven’t before. If I want the job of my dreams or a great holiday one day. It’s time to stop making excuses and just save or put the hard work in for what I wan’t. No more time for “I’ll do it tomorrow” it’s time to start today.

Stand up for myself no matter what
A situation occurred this year which affected me a lot and others around me. It made me realize there are people out there who enjoy hurting other people. Who bully, and make people feel worthless. Sometimes it’s hard when people take sides. In the end things worked out, and I’m glad I shall never have to see that person again. It’s hard to forgive,and it’s taking me some time. I would rather do that then hate. Not saying you have to love a person you don’t like, but hate is just poison. It’ll eat away at you. Letting a person who has hurt you into your mind only lets them win. Banish them! Smile, watch funny cat videos, make fluffy pancakes. You’re awesome and have every reason to stick up for yourself. Been able to admit you’re wrong is important, but so is standing up for yourself when you’re rightThank you to the people who are always there for me.

Overall I have learnt a lot and am still learning. Feedback in anything is a great tool and has helped me tremendously with work, writing, study. I feel lucky for the chances I have been given, for the great family and friends I have, my dashing young man, a cool job, and of course glorious food whilst watching kids movies. People complain about things everyday, when you step back and look, you’ll see life isn’t so bad after all.

Do you have goals for this month? If you do, good luck with them all, take it a day at a time and you’ll be suprised.

Perks of Being a Human

The amazing touching moviePerks of Being a Wallflower is better than the “perks” of being a human at timesWhy? Because we get sick, ill, and sore. Since moving to University to a windy town I seem to be getting sick more than usual. My immune system changes like the four seasons. If you’re sick at the moment I am here with some tips on how to help.05.0218.cartoon_large


The word migraine sounds like a depressing cereal/sequel of Nutri Grain. Both are unpleasant. I have had migraines many a time. Any sound is a pain to the ears people talking, crying children, andloud traffic. The worst case was when I was crossing the road, and my vision went all hazy. I could barely see if the crossing man was red or green. I stumbled across the road looking drunk like a skunk. Crossing the road has never been so exhausting. The next episode of my migraines was when I fainted at work twice. The second time I wacked my head on the ground woke up and forgot where I was. I was putting a kiwifruit through checkout at the time so I now have a phobia of kiwifruit. Just kidding. It was strange as I had eaten breakfast that day and felt completely fine a few minutes before. Dizziness washed over me. I’m not sure if it was due to a migraine or lack of something in my diet. so it is important to realize you may not be eating the right foods or drinking enough water. Here are a few suggestions for migraines;

  • Medication, from the doctor..because panadol and nurofen are useless in this case
  • Hot tea – Green tea, I personally love Chai Tea
  • Sleep – take a nap, it helps
  • Crawl around the house caveman style, or walk very very slowly holding on to things, it avoids you getting dizzy and fainting
  • Breathe, in and out, try to relax
  • Rub temples – when I have a headache or am stressed rubbing my temples helps a lot
  • Massage – a proper one, it’ll relax you in an instant
  • Drink LOTS of water.

If you can’t handle the pain go to the emergency room, but you may be waiting for many hours. It isn’t fun, but better to get to the bottom of the problem than have it get any worse.


Cough cough
Cough cough

Recently I went to Eminem all pumped and excited. Then I got a sore throat on the bus to Auckland. I thought nothing of it until it ruined the entire trip I couldn’t even swallow water let alone enjoy the concert. Anything I ate scraped my throat and burnt it. It felt like eating sandpaper. I chugged back as much medicine, and throaties as I could which only made things worse. Once I got back to Wellington I went straight to hospital because I couldn’t handle the sudden throbbing in my ears, I wondered what on earth it was. I had tonsillitis. Not only that, but it had gotten so bad that pus had travelled up my throat into my ears which explained the pain. Yum. My advice don’t leave a sore throat to heal on it’s own you will pay the consequences. So here are a few cures for tonsillitis:

  • Medicine – pain killers, the throat spray they gave me was great it soothed my throat for awhile.
  • Eat no solid foods, it’s to painful and you’ll end up wanting to cry, mash up your food like your a baby again.
  • Hot lemon, honey and sugar/ginger.
  • Drink OJ, orange juice, get that Vitamin C.
  • LOTS OF WATER. This is when you need it the most to avoid dehydration.
  • Cold foods helped the pain of my tonsilltis a lot. I had a few ice blocks.
  • Gargle with warm water, and salt..
  • Avoid any thing that can irriate the throat, smoke, bacteria, kissing strangers.
  • Try to not talk to much. If you do speak softly the voice is precious.
  • The final option is a tonsillectomy, where doctors remove the two tonsils from the back of the throat. If you get tonsilitis frequently like I do you may want to consider this option, give yourself at least a few weeks to recover from it because I have heard it’s painful afterwards. Eek. 

Stomach ache/bug

Ow my stomach is so sore. Darn that constipation! 

No one has this kind of conversation. Maybe with their doctor. A sore stomach may be caused by anything, a bug, food poising, and an allergy to gluten or lactose. My stomach hates to much dark chocolate, and alcohol so I try to listen to my body and avoid certain things. If I have a really bad stomach drinking lots of fluids helps, and eating small amounts of food if I can handle it. This article I found addresses ten stomach problems, and has advice on how to ease the dreaded embarrassment of random fart and pain;

  • Diarrhea –  if it gets really bad check out some stomach remedies in the pharmacy or supermarket, it may be because of food posioning. 
  • Fight farts – let it out, it’s a sign of a good body! Eat your food slowly to prevent gas
  • Cramps – hot water bottle hello .
  • Bloating – avoid salt and foods that cause gas.
  • Reflux – cut back on drinking and smoking because reflux causes pain in the chest. A sore throat, and coughing so avoiding these things will help. 
  • Nauseated – Have grated ginger in hot water with a bit of honey.
  • Heart burn – Try not to eat to fast, limit spicy food. Drink milk as it prevents acid in the stomach. 
  • Ease after eating pain – Avoid junk food.  
  • Constipation – If you get gas or bloating, increase fibre intake such as wholegrains, bread, high fibre cereal, try 3o minutes of excersize a day and stay hydrated
  • Hunger Pangs – An achy stomach can be more than just hunger, if you feel like its an ulcer hit up your doctor asap.

At the end of the day listen to your body and try and avoid foods that cause any of these stomach problems. Life will be much more blissful if you do.

Cold or the Flu

 It isn’t just cold, I have a cold, can you warm me up? 

New winter pick up line perhaps? Nose running, panda bags under the eyes, aching body. Cold. I am sick again this is nothing new. It happens almost every second day. Especially since moving to windy Wellington. Some people have unbreakable immune systems, I do not. There’s no magic to cure it, but here are my favourite remedies when I get the cold. 

  • The dry cough; this comes with many colds. First you get a cold in your nose, head, then your throat takes a beating and feels like it’s being ripped apart. The best thing to do for this is drink waterfalls of water. If you start coughing up blood you must be a vampire (kidding) Go to the emergency room ASAP.
  • Fever: Get someone to check your temperature regularly to make sure you’re ok
  • Flu: Symptoms include runny nose, sore stomach, a cough, and aches. Stay away from work or school, because it can spread through air. Scary. 

For general colds and sniffles;  

  • Invest in Papaw ointment or moisturiser, I had a case of dry skin around my eyes and nose which looked awful but a bit of Papaw on it each night worked wonders. Great for the lips to. Nothing worse than chapped lips.
  • Dress like you live in Antartica. Keep warm!
  • Hot water, ginger, honey and lemon. Yum yum
  • OJ. Orange juice. Drink lots of it.
  • Fruit, lots of fruit. Here are 15 top veggies and fruits to boost the immune system. Some is Grapefruit, Almonds, Watermelon, Garlic, Spinach. Low fat yoghurt prevents colds? Who would have known.
  • Sleep. Lots of sleep. Sleep like sleeping beauty.
  • Fill up a sink with hot boiling kettle water, and hold your face over it for a few minutes. Cover your neck and head with a towel so you have a min face spa. It opens the pores and also clears the icky blocked nose.
  • Do not work on assignments. If you can’t think properly there’s no point. Sleep, and work on it later.
  • Try not to sniff if you have a runny nose, it will cause a headache, trust me.
  • Olbas inhaler nasal stick, kinda looks like a tampon but you stick it up each nostril and it helps clear your nose.


  • Wash your hands, wash them like you depend on it.
  • Don’t touch your mouth, nose, and eyes without washing your hands.
  • Try not to share food, or lip the same drink.
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze! Seriously, is it that hard? Sneezing in the elbow is better because then your hand that’s just been sneezed on with nice boogers won’t get all over the furniture.
Cover that sneeze
Oops just sneezed all over my laptop. Hypocrite much.

Feeling down because you’ve lost your voice and feel like crap? Well a husky voice is totez attractive anyway. That nasal tone mmm.

Sprain, injured, sore muscles

I sprained my ankle because I had fallen and missed to stairs. It was rather dramatic, as if I had walked off the plank like in Peter Pan. So what to do if you’re injured? I don’t know much about broken bones but I assume you’re meant to not do these things;

  • Don’t go to the gym or excersize, this is how I discovered I had shin splints, running isn’t enjoyable for me
  • Use crutches if you’re given them. I limped around and ran to the bus and was almost in tears because of the pain, never again.
  • Rest the injured area on a pillow, put ice on it but not for to long
  • Take prescribed painkillers or a nice hot bath
  • Try not to wear yourself out, you need time to heal
  • Anti Flamme Orignial – for bumps, bruises, aches and pains. Especially sore muscles, fabulous.
  • Sore from the gym? – I hadn’t gone in almost a month, did an intense leg day…can’t walk. You can either rest or stretch, either one will hurt.
No pain no gain
No pain no gain


Feeling crap emotionally 

If you’re sick physically, injured, or just feel down in the dumps emotionally I came across this amazing blogger who has 100 things to do when you’re sad, seriously read it. I love this one from the list along with many others;

<3 Write a list of things that you appreciate right now, in the present moment. Focus on each of them & let the love inside you well up. Even when things appear to be going really, really badly, there are always things to be happy about.

Amazeballs! She also has suggestions on 33 movies to watch if you’re feeling tired, sad, and can’t be bothered doing anything or moving out of bed.

That’s all folks!

Whether you’re sniffling whilst reading this, sneezing, farting, or crying because life is stressful at times. Just remember there is always someone there for you, a friend, partner, your fridge. If  you don’t feel like seeing anyone or anything just stay in bed, relax, watch a movie, scoff some chocolate and remember to wrap up, drink up (water) and eat up. I hope you sick or injured people feel better soon 🙂 happy healing! 

Typical humans
Typical humans

U.N.I is a wonderful song by Ed Sheeran, it means you and I. Or in this case University. It seems like a year ago I was just starting. young and eager. I for one didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. No one tells you how to act or what to do at University. These words of advice are for first years or any students who have lost the spark in their eyes.


This is the most important one. Social life is a big thing for Uni kids, screaming down the streets at 3am. These kids know how to party.

  • Go to O week (orientation) the only time where dressing up in bed sheets is acceptable There are also lovely people around Massey who often hand out free redbull or food, and make first year students feel at home.
  • Flatwarmings: this is how you will meet people. If you already have your group of friends well step outside the comfort zone and slap butter on yourself, and go socialize
  • SAY YES. If you get invited and have nothing else to do, GO. People get sick and tired of asking people who always say no. Sometimes you’ve got to have twenty seconds of courage, let your hair loose like a goose and dance the night away. No need for alcohol you can have fun without it.
  • SAY NO. If you have an exam the next day.
  • If you’re more on the quiet side, there are sooo many cool quirky places to chill and have some relaxed cocktails.. Southern Cross is personally my favourite, jenga, lanterns. Enough said. Or The Library bar you can read books whilst chilling out.
  • If you aren’t 18 yet don’t worry your time will come. Hang on to the threads of innocence you have left.

Study something you ENJOY

Passion fruit is great, so is studying something you’re passionate about. What you do for study should bring you goosebumps, and bundles of joy. I would overhear way to many students going “I hate this already, at least my parents are paying.” and it was only the first day! They sound spoilt and ungrateful. Regardless of who is paying for your education enjoy it. Your love of the subject will reflect in your work.. compared to someone who is just wanting to pass. Cherish what you learn and go in with an open mind.

Study FIRST party LATER

Yes it sounds silly, and I’m sure I missed out on some events because I was studying for exams sitting in my cave knitting. If you don’t study for exams you will not be ok. YOLO? You only live once is not an excuse to do foolish things. You’re not going to get far if you YOLO your way through education. There are distractions, and memory loss, so write down what you want to get done that evening or day. Tick it off. If you don’t get it done there’s always tomorrow. Once you’ve done it though it’s out of the way. Then you can go do what ever you want to do for the rest of the day with the feeling of accomplishment on your shoulder.


These will be your best friend I’m telling you now. Send off immaculate applications for as many scholarships as you can! BreakOut seems like a good site with thousands of ones to apply for (it costs a bit to use though) Look on your University website, it takes awhile years to scroll through the scholarships. Or your University website wil have lots of opportunity as well. Winning one is a great feeling it really is. I was really happy receiving one it helped a lot.

GO to your lectures:

Each lecture, tutorial, workshop, class all costs money. If you think you’re going to get a good education by looking at lecture notes online instead of attending them. You may as well have just stayed at home watching re runs of Malcom in the Middle. I’m going to try and get to classes.  Say what you wish, I’ll be the one grinning from ear to ear when I graduate. So if you’re friends tempt you to skip class because they want to go to a garage sale down the road walk away dramatically. Your mind needs to be filled with knowledge instead of your wardbrobe being filled with clothes. 

P.S don’t raise your hand in lectures: This is is grown up world where you get to yell out answers and get a few laughs if you’re answer is wrong. You will get asked questions if you look half awake so be ready. Yell out your answer loud and proud even if you’re completely wrong.

Turn OFF your phone

I am guilty of texting many times last year thinking no one could see me or the teacher. Wrong. Today was my first day back at Uni and I saw girls texting in class. You’re here to learn not text. Not only is it rude, but it’s a distraction.Unless it’s urgent such as the food falling from the sky you have no reason to pick up your phone. Turn it off.

Get enough SLEEP

You went out last night and fell asleep in a lecture? That’s your problem. Taking photo’s of friends sleeping in lectures is priceless. Until it’s you who’s in a photo drooling away. Don’t be the person who makes the lecturer feel like they’re boring you to sleep. I fail at sleeping I really do. I block out noise with headphones and music each night. Slowly try to get earlier nights. If you can’t do this then nanna naps will become your best friend. Alas sleep is the best recovery for all things. How ironic I’m finishing this post off at 12am. 

Go to a DOCTOR

I need a doctor, doctor to bring me back to life No not Dr Dre, an actual Doctor to prevent sickness. I have Vitamins to take to prevent me getting sick, yet I would only take them if I was under the weather. Ironic. There are lovely nurses and doctors at the University for a reason, to help you get better and hand out free condoms. Having a card where you get points on it makes the trip to the Pharmacy rather thrilling.

Look presentable but don’t over do it

Most people are either sleep deprived or just don’t bother noticing what lipstick you put on today. I wasted time with make up and trying to look nice. I would be at least 5 minutes late to some of my lectures. Why be late for vanity? Life is a catwalk yes. Sure you want to look good in public, but you could turn up in your fat pants or in your PJ’s and no one would care. There are days I feel like putting on make up but most days I don’t I chuck on my beanie to hide my horrible hair days. Natural is the new craze don’t you know? Oh and having a signature smell is a must. The people who wear beautiful perfume fill the lecture room with the sounds of birds and the sweet scent of roses blooming. 


    • No to loose refill: I cannot stress what a waste of time it is buying a folder, refill, taking notes. Then having the little holes on the pages break where it should connect to the folder. Pages get crinkled.
    • Just buy books. My friends 1B5 and 2B5are great. Especially avoid those annoying notebooks with the weird round things on the side that holds the pages together. They break and you can’t fix it.. They will break your heart.
    • Post it notes: They’re your best friends. My wall was covered in them for exams last year. They help sooo much.
    • Pens. Mine always magically disappear so you can never have enough pens.
    • Highlighters: I probably highlight everything on the page. Different colours = more fun.
    • Textbooks are hardly used depending on the subject. If you really do need them try get them second hand because they’re so expensive! I would go to the library, and take notes from one of the textbooks I couldn’t be bothered buying. It was a good challenge because I could only get it out for an hour.


You can balance a personal life with study life. Friends, and relationships. If you all have something going for yourselves so you aren’t waiting around for other people to be free. If you’re stressed about your personal life simply relax. Have a bath, read a magazine. Take. A. Break. Or have a nice hot steamy shower, the ones you never want to get out.. When things get tough remember how far you’ve come and how far you shall go. Let no one get in the way if your education. If you keep failing try a new method of study or approach to life. Be spontaneous and things that make you happy. You can’t except change if you keep doing the same thing. 

Don’t freak out about your future

Yes you want to be thinking about your future. But a career isn’t the thing you’re focusing on whilst studying, enjoying your study is the main thing. 
A Degree, Diploma, Bachelor, or whatever you gain isn’t going to get you a job straight away so don’t be disappointed. I have a Diploma in Journalism but it feels pointless if I don’t get more experience. I came to University to learn about different types of writing because I love it. Focus on gaining experience whilst studying, internships, volunteer work for your field of work. Then you meet great people, and learn things. After you finish your studies you aren’t stuck wondering what to do with your life. Ride elephants. Live life. Try to just enjoy the ride. Absorb everything you learn like a loving sponge. Happy studies everyone!

Friends, Food, Future

There is a time in a persons life when they must let go of the Peter Pan dream and grow up. I have never quite grasped the concept of this. As I packed my bags for the big adventure awaiting me, reality hit me. I felt as if I was stomping on Lego that had been left on the ground, scattered in a distorted pattern, pain seeping through me with every step. How could all of my life belongings fit in a few mere boxes and suitcases? Each item of clothing and furniture I sold had a small memory on it etched into the fine lines of fabric. A small secret that would stay with it yet to be discovered. As I tore photos down from the wall I realized how much I was leaving behind. I did not want to utter the words goodbye.

Since moving to Wellington for University I have narrowed down the things I miss:

New Plymouth  – Where the mountain looks as if it has been dipped in a box of luxurious french vanilla ice cream with chocolate delicately sprinkled on top. Where sand on the beach is black turning into a furnace in the summer. A dance is done like somewhat tribal warriors to race to the water before ones feet become burnt from the malicious grains of hot sand. Having a mountain, and the sea in ones peripheral vision is like a double rainbow. Two seasons of difference in one. Winter and summer. No words can fully capture it. A photo would if I could be bothered to buy a camera.

Friends – Moving away has made me realize who genuinely wants to stay in touch. IF they don’t bother then that says it all really. We all have to meet halfway when it comes to communicating. There is technology, letters, owls to send letters or pigeons. Yet nothing quite compares to a good ol’ jolly catch up in person with people I spent years with.


Food – It is 90 per cent the reason I look forward to going home. Mommas cooking. I can’t remember the last time I had one of her dashing roast Sunday meals.  I have consumed so much junk food since moving here, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Asian food have morphed into my best friends. When it comes to flat grocery shopping each week I have a party each time. Grabbing tins of tuna like there’s no tomorrow, and peanuts covered in chocolate. Addictive little things. Can’t beat them Pak N Save sales.

“food is there to be enjoyed, so enjoy it”

I say this to people who tell me they are on diets where they can only eat in between certain times, and certain foods. Any food can be bad for you if you eat to much of it. Go buy that pizza and STOP feeling guilty, shove your whole face in it to remind yourself what you’ve been missing out on whilst you were eating those lettuce leaves.

Money –  Have you ever had a certain goal to save but have failed miserably? Welcome to my world, the best of both worlds. Where you are poor in each one. Some teenagers these days are handed money to them from their parents on a golden platter, soz-agues about it.  There is nothing wrong with it, but I am glad I was brought up in a way where me, myself and I earn the money which I continue to waste.

Life is a never ending cycle of earning money and spending it. I have earned so much in my lifetime so where on earth does it all go? RENT, food and rent, tattoos. The only time I seem to have saved a good amount was for my tattoo. Perhaps I should try and pretend I’m about to get a huge tattoo, to inspire me to save for new years. I shall be losing my Rhythm and Vines virginity because I am going for the first time this year hence why I am attempting to save $1000 or more. Why not try and set yourself a challenge to? You may be surprised with how you go. One, two, three, leggo

Must. Stop. Sleeping. In.
I must not sleep in. I must not sleep in. I must not sleep in.

Things I treasure

Nanna naps – Don’t get offended if I don’t reply to you on Facebook, text, viber, snapchat, or on the next version of iPhone3604894, I’m most likely at work, doing study, or sleeping. That is all. I sleep in far to much, my loud alarm clock that sounds like a fire truck clearly isn’t doing me any favours. Purely because my lovely flatmate came into my room the other day, pulled the covers off my bed and yelled that he would be waking me up if I missed my screeching  alarm again. He then proceeded to drag me out of my warm bed despite my weak protests. Fabulous.

Beanies – My hair saviour. These glorious things are the perfect invention. With the wind here in Wellington there really is no point in doing my hair. I think beanies are stuck to my head. I wear it almost everyday. It has double benefits. Hides a bad hair day, and keeps my head warm. Win win.

Exercise – I used to go to the gym almost everyday back home, then I moved here and turned into a potato. Mashed potato, roast potato. Potato. I am terrible at this, my balance of time is not so marvelous. By the time I have finished work or a day of University I can hardly be bothered shedding off my day clothes, and slithering into bed. I have a new found passion for Pilates though. That is when I can muster the energy to do them. No pain no gain right?

Good beats – Everyone needs some of these to get them through the day. I always pop on some Beyonce in the morning to get me inspired to have a productive day. All the single ladies all the single ladies. Dancing around the room whilst getting ready is much more amusing than without music. Shimmy to the cupboard, shimmy while you do your hair, and flip your hair dramatically after a shower. Who needs a hairdryer anyway.


Baking – Sometimes I go on a baking rampage, making muffins, flapjacks, apple crumble. Delicious and nutritious. Saves money and also equals a bit of creative time, throwing flour into the bowl leads to myself being covered in flour. I feel like Jamie Oliver, minus the olives. He is a master of a chef, a genius. I for one simply Google recipes when I get stuck in a pickle. I made a fabulous lasagna with my flatmate the other week, a very proud moment. There should be a worldwide lasagna day, I am sure Garfield would be proud.


Most of my nights are now spent at Massey library until about 10 or 11pm doing study.  I love writing and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have good food, friends here and back home, and a future ahead of me. As long as I don’t overthink as much as I blink. I am excited for what is to come. Although it is costing a fortune, I have a few good ten million years, or a tad less, to pay of my student loan. So on with the adventure Peter Pan!