I liked the way your t-shirt smelt. The fragrance of soap, and a hard days work. I held this piece of fabric close to me the day we stopped believing. We don’t share songs or joyful words together. We are constant stars drifting towards separate galaxies. Now you stare at me with taunting eyes, and…Read more »


A writer is the sum of their experiences. Just pick up the pen. Laughter is the note of happiness. Barefoot on the beach. Dancing around a bonfire. A thorn stabs my foot. I remember looking at the rainbow inside each small bubble I created. Shouts, screams, and a bittersweet apology. That was when I knew…Read more »

Letter of Loss

Dear Grandad, I hope you can forgive me for this late letter. I wanted to write this to honour you, and your life to make sure you know I care.  Death is a topic people often avoid. Yet I have thought about it in the depths of darkness whilst lying in my bed. How strange…Read more »