5 Tips if You Haven’t Found a Job

Finding a job can often feel like a full-time job, and I’m sure many have gone through the process of sending endless CV and Cover Letters. If you’ve just left your job after an exotic holiday, or you moved towns with nothing lined up, or if you’ve been made redundant – job hunting can be stressful.

Last year I went for about 3 months endlessly searching for a job! I certainly learned a few things along the way so here are some tips below if you’re in a bit of a panic mode.

  1. Chat with a Recruiter

Getting advice from a Recruiter for your CV can really help make it stand out and I met some really great ones. There are some good services out there in Auckland and I’ve listed a few favourites;

The Creative Store

Little Black Book – Mostly Senior level roles

Madison Recruitment

Don’t just settle for one Recruitment Agency! Because, unfortunately, not all Recruiters respond when you want them to so make sure you don’t get lost among a sea of candidates. Email and follow up on a job you’re interested in.

2. Grow your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is your golden ticket to impressing potential employers. It’s a place where you can put your achievements, top skills and basically sell your talent. Make sure you have an introduction in the bio section with why you would be a great asset to a team.

The first place a Recruiter or employer will go to stalk your profile is LinkedIn so make sure it’s looking up to date. Add previous employers, request to add your previous clients. You can even ask a former employee or boss to provide you with a recommendation. Imagine it as your online CV!

The premium feature is about $99 a month which gives you access to information on whether you’re a top applicant and who’s viewed your profile. Definitely try out the one-month trial for Premium.

When You’re Stuck Without a Job

If you currently have no job and you’re pulling your hair out, there are a few things you can do in the meantime:

3. Job Seeker Support

Some people may feel embarrassed asking for help when it comes to money but if you qualify for support grab this opportunity! If you’re single, or if your partner earns money you’re entitled to a certain amount. Plus, it can help you avoid touching your savings.

4. Sidekicker

You guessed it, I mentioned this in my blog last year but I honestly love Sidekicker in between job hunting. Once you sign up you head into the office once so you can fill in the paperwork and get paid for jobs. Then you can start applying for work at a bunch of different companies. Jobs can include rugby games, cricket, concerts, kitchen work and more. While it may only be a wage of $17-18 every bit counts.

5. iSave Money Android App

The iSaveMoney app has been so handy for keeping track of my monthly budget. I often lose receipts or throw them out. With the app, I can add in what I want to spend per month on categories like food, rent, misc house stuff, wedding etc. Then it’s as easy as adding in what you have spent as you go (before I chuck out receipts!) to keep track and see if it matches your spending target, or if you’ve gone over.

Hopefully, this has been helpful, all the best with your job search and fingers crossed the right opportunity comes your way.


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