Why You Should Box

Imagine this, a tall person with long arms showing up to a new boxing class. Yes, this was me a few months ago. I felt like an awkward giraffe who had no idea what to do. In my mind, I thought I looked like Rocky Balboa though.

I was a little bit embarrassed at first and wondered if I would get the hang of it. Alas, I am slowly getting there. Boxing has many elements to it. Some of which I wanted to mention in this blog, find out some health benefits, and ideas if you’re new to boxing and want to give it a try.

Joining a Boxing Gym

Boxing alley photo
Photo credit: Boxing Alley


I joined Boxing Alley, a gym in Auckland where well-known boxers have trained such as Monty Betham and world champion Daniella Smith. I had no idea about that when I first joined of course. Still though, huge admiration for Daniella who has achieved so much as a female boxer. As for myself, I mustered up the courage to attend a few beginner classes last year. Considering I hadn’t done much exercise beforehand I was not expecting to sweat so much. In boxing, prepare to be challenged physically!

After a few beginner classes, you begin to learn the basic punches such as 1, straight left punch, 2 straight right punch, 3, left hook, 4, right hook, 5, left uppercut, 6 right uppercut. At first, I was like wow what is this so many numbers. How on earth can I remember that? I learnt the hard way when I thought I was ready for a Boxfit class at 6 am in the morning, a harder class. The girl I was partnered up with said do you know what you’re doing? While the trainer yelled out numbers and combinations. I had no idea what I was doing. I would recommend taking it slowly, once you feel confident enough move up to the higher classes.

Get a Trainer

Something else which helped was taking classes with a personal trainer. While I enjoy group classes, one on one sessions have helped with my footwork, and strength training. Every time there’s a new combination to learn, and technique to work on. Although a personal trainer does cost extra, the knowledge they have is really helpful. It can be worth it if you’re looking to participate in corporate fights, or just become better. My next goal is to improve and hopefully do one of the charity boxing events this year.

Health Benefits of Boxing

I found boxing actually keeps me motivated to coming back, where normal gyms I tend to stop going to or lose interest. Other great benefits of boxing are it targets the entire body. It can help with balance, agility, and coordination. Boxing can also burn more calories in less time than running can. I definitely enjoy the part where I’m building strength and power! Since boxing also targets the upper half of the body, whether it’s turning your hips to throw or a punch or doing ab workouts, it’s a great way to get a more sculpted core. Hello, six-pack.

Another thing is I work in an office all day so there’s nothing better than letting go of stress, or getting moving by punching a mitt or boxing bag.

Boxing Gear You’ll Need

The basic gear for boxing is having good boxing gloves, and boxing wrap to protect your hand. When I first started I literally had to watch a YouTube video of how to put the wrap on. It takes time to master I must say. Check it out here.


I got these cool gloves when I signed up for Boxing Alley for 12 months, and pay $24.50 a week. Not bad, considering you get a free keychain as well.


Boxing Runs in the Family

I had always been interested in boxing since I learnt my Grandad was a famous boxer in South Africa back in his day. They called him John the Tiger! I would have loved to see him in action. My Mum said he often showed her some boxing moves and took her along to the gym. I suppose the reason I wanted to try boxing was to feel somewhat closer to Grandad who passed a few years ago. Hopefully following in his footsteps, and one day maybe the crowd will roar, Nadia the Tiger! Just kidding, but hey you never know.

All I can say is I encourage anyone to give boxing a go. It’s super fun and you meet great people who help you. It’s awesome for anyone regardless of shape, size or age. I’m glad I started boxing and found a new passion!

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