5 Ways to Stay Productive at Work

In the past, I wrote many work blogs on how to stay productive.  So it makes sense to actually follow my own advice and personalize my own experience with how I stay motivated at work. You already may have guessed it, but yes it’s about Star Wars. Just to make things a bit more exciting.

Each day can be a constant battle in the mind between good at bad. On one shoulder you have Darth Vader saying hey you, be lazy today, check those notifications and sit back. Relax. On the other Luke Skywalker is the shining light, he wants you to be productive, and to defeat the dark side! Well, this is how I imagine it anyway (you can insert your favourite movie character also).

The question on the tip of people’s tounges is usually this, how can you stay motivated at work? Whether you’re falling asleep at your desk, if you work in an open environment, or own your own business. These tips will hopefully help you feel re-energized.

1. Take Regular Breaks

Sitting in an office all day or working hard means breaks seem less important. However, having regular breaks can make you more focused on your goals and tasks. In fact, there are other reasons for why lunch breaks or a quick break outside are so valuable. A study from Stanford University showed 81% to 100% of participants produced more creative ideas while walking, as compared to sitting. It’s time to get walking to increase your creativity and focus.

2. Brainstorm on the Way to Work

If you catch the bus, drive or walk to work, it’s the perfect chance to brainstorm key ideas down on your phone or notes. I do this sometimes to remember things. I’ve downloaded a mobile app called Mindly, mostly because the circles are appealing and it so much fun. You can choose colours and emoji’s, need I say more? Check out these other handy mobile apps for mind mapping on Android, or IOS.

3. Rest your Eyes

As this is now my second office job, my eyes were starting to fail on me and close all the time. It had been about 10 years since I got my eyes checked, embarrassing I know. Turns out I needed glasses because my left eye is a slightly different shape to my right eye. Anyway, by getting glasses not only can I see better but my glasses are designed for UV light in front of a computer screen.

Goodbye headaches and squinty eyes! Of course, check with an Optometrist if glasses are right for you, but if you stare at a computer screen all day, it could be a great idea. Also, check out this cool article on the 20-20-20 rule, which talks about how to avoid fatigue and eye strain.

4. Focus on One Goal at a Time

Every job has numbers, goals, deadlines, and endless tasks. Working on checkouts, for example, was rather hilarious, the meme below explains it. My fellow checkout operator friends will be able to laugh at this one.


With pressure and stress along with numbers floating around in my head, it can become rather daunting. Multitasking is fine, but it can turn into something hectic without a plan. What I try to do is get realistic. What is the most important thing you have to achieve today? What time does it need to be done by? Chop down your goals into one main one each day and write it down.

Don’t give yourself a hard time if you don’t achieve it unless there is an urgent deadline, you still have tomorrow to work hard.

5. Give Your Desk a Makeover 

Although you may have heard this before, having something nice on your desk such as plants, can really boost productivity. On my own desk, I have a burger pillow which really helps keep my posture in check. I got a little “N” light to brighten things up. I also have a little whiteboard and a pen to take notes when I need to!


At the end of the day, my alter ego is Yoda when I go to work. When I feel down or stuck, I think what would Yoda do? Whatever yours may be, use it. If Frodo can climb up a mountain to defeat middle earth, and when good conquers evil as it always does in the movies, then you can get rid of procrastination as well.

Listen to the voice of hope on your shoulder because you can do it when you put your back into it. When you really enjoy your job, it won’t feel like a chore. The rest will come naturally.

Also, check out this cool infographic on what you can use to help improve concentration at work.


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