How the Media Ruined the Election

During the past week the world has turned upside down, people have taken sides, and the country of America has split in two. Some would claim that all of this is due to one person. Donald Trump. Everyone has had a good kick out of the election but things turned nasty very quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a supporter of Trump or Clinton there is a more important question that is being ignored. What has happened to the media and the standards of reporting?

The term “journalist” seems to have gotten lost during this election – especially the media coverage. I’ve observed and noticed these stories one after the other all with a similar theme. The mainstream media covered the election with one-sided stories that were full of bias and missing objectivity.

The media has given Hillary a piggyback through this whole campaign and protected her from “bad press.” I’m not buying what the media is saying and I know there is certainly more to the story. This is why I’ve looked into it further and done my own investigating to see how the media influences people when it comes to an election.

The Media’s Agenda 

Throughout the campaign there is a lot of information thrown out at people in America, they are given news stories left right and center. After consuming various stories there is pressure, sweat dripping down the forehead; who do they vote for? This is looked at very closely in this article:The Agenda-Setting Function of Mass Media, by Maxwelle E.McCombs, and Donald L.Shaw:

“The pledges, promises, and rhetoric encapsulated in news stories, columns, and editorials constitute much of the information upon which a voting decision is made.”

McCombs and Shaw investigated the 1968 presidential campaign and looked at what readers saw in the news, on TV, and other news content. They carefully studied how it affected the reader’s perceptions of a particular candidate. There are many other documentaries and theories on the deception of mainstream media, but if I discussed them all this would become a very long blog so moving on.

Voting ballot box

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re in a very similar situation, with more advanced technology, but the media still has a few tricks up their sleeve. A few weeks before the election the media assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the polls. The narrative started to appear that she was going to skip happily into the White House. The media were wrong. Very wrong. American magazines had to retract copies of their “Madam President” issue. They were so sure of her win but it was an expensive mistake.

I suppose it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why the reporting of the presidential campaign was so poorly done. On the one hand there is Trump who many don’t like because he sometimes puts his foot in mouth. Then on the other side there is the unpopular politician. Without an honest or balanced coverage of each candidate it makes it hard for the reader to understand that Clinton’s previous allegations are real and illegal, and that Trumps “scandals” are simply taken out of context or false.

The media has instead created and formed the political debate to their liking. Let’s take a look at the last couple of weeks that covered the election. Have you seen one positive story about Donald Trump? Have you seen any negative stories on Hillary Clinton? The negative stories published against Trump seem to outweigh any sort of bad word against Clinton. The media and their coverage of the election seemed to pave the way for Trump’s success without even realising it. The media got played at their own game and quite frankly they’ve embarrassed themselves globally.

Top Ten Things You Should Know About the Election

I’ve had to dig deep during this time of gathering research to discover what isn’t pointed out in the mainstream media. The charade of the campaign have taken attention away from other pressing matters. Some of these events that are mentioned have happened before the election, after, and they’re also occurring in America at present. Prepare yourself some of these are shocking.

  1. This Isn’t the First “Upsetting” Result

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton result is not the first one to shock and upset the nation. There are many campaigns that had surprising outcomes. From Ronald Regan, to Barack Obama, and George Bush’s triumphs. No one expected these outcomes. From the famous image below of Harry Truman’s unexpected win. It really shows that when it comes to the election no one really knows what will happen.


  1. The Journalists that Supported Clinton’s Campaign

I’ve already mentioned it, but I was curious to know why I was only seeing many well-known American news organisations spreading news stories that slammed Donald Trump. The media has been taken by storm and their true motives came to light. WikiLeaks published a list of at least 38 reporters that colluded with Clinton’s campaign from the following news organisations:

  • ABC
  • Bloomberg
  • CBS
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Daily Beast
  • Huffington Post
  • MORE
  • NBC
  • New Republic
  • New York Times
  • New Yorker
  • The Guardian
  • The Hill
  • VICE
  • VOX
  • Washington Post
  1. Donald Trump Tells Journalists Off


Each news article that I have seen posts stories about celebrities disliking Trump, that his hair is amusing, that he is racist, xenophobic, there have been death threats among other things. Enough was enough and Trump decided to have a private meeting with top reporters. Quite noticeably Trump called out news outlets, especially CNN, and called them a room “full of liars.” Trump has already said that he is running against the crooked media at one of his rallies. Trump did mention that he hopes to restore his relationship with the media, one that’s based on fairness. But still, for those journalists to get told off like that, ouch.

  1. The Real Hillary Clinton

Now everyone knows Clinton for her lying and corruption, but her supporters don’t seem to care as the pro-Clinton media has lately shown. But wait there’s more. People have testified to Hillary’s bad behavior and temper that stems back many years. Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne wrote a book, Crisis of Character, and shares what Hillary was like during her time as First Lady. He also reveals how the Clintons operated in the White House.

Brynes did a brave thing by going on live Television to share his story in an interview on Fox News. You can imagine how hard they would have tried to stop him from publishing! He tells the audience that Hillary is two different people especially in private. He stresses that she is not a leader and he wanted to let people know how dangerous she is before they decided to vote. According to Brynes, Hillary terrifies her staff, screams and yells at people if something is not going her way.

hillary-angry-700x330A perfect example of this is the election night and Hillary’s mysterious absence. I wondered why her supporters were left to cry tears and stand alone with their candidate nowhere to be seen. In reality, Hillary was in no state to address her supporters. Once it dawned on her that she had lost Breitbart reported her mood quickly made a turn for the worse:

“She began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an uncontrollable rage.”

  1. Radical Alinsky: Obama and Clinton

Back in her days of College, Hillary Clinton did her thesis on Saul Alinsky, a man who famously published his book; Rule for Radicals; A Practical Primer for Realistic Standards. Alinsky was known for his methods of disrupting meetings, and tactics on winning media attention. What’s more surprising is that on the blurb of his book he mentions Lucifer and refers to him as the first radical. Although Clinton later turned down a job from Alinsky she has yet to quash the rumours that her and Obama are tied to this idea of a radical change. There are some interesting articles that explores how Obama could potentially be tied to the radical movement.

  1. George Soros: The Billionaire’s Agenda


George Soros is considered to be one of the most dangerous men alive. Rewind the clock back to when George Schwarts was a teenager, before his name was changed to a less “Jewish sounding name.” During the war, George turned on Jews and handed them over to the Nazi’s to save himself. Over the years, Soros earned many names for himself. In Thailand, they call him an “economic war criminal.” He is also famous for being the “man that broke the bank of England.”

So why are the Democratic Party so happy to work with such a crook? Perhaps it’s because he likes to spend his $24 billion net worth on politics. He has given millions to the Democratic party and left-wing causes. He helped to kick-start Obama’s career, and he funded organisations that were dedicated to kicking George Bush out of the White House. He is more than just a billionaire it seems that his influence goes beyond money and his own agenda is being pushed across America. You can see more about why people ranked him as dangerous here.


moveon-orgThis website allows people to create campaigns and sign petitions to create a change. Trump is a big one on their hit list. announced that they will be running a multi-million-dollar campaign to keep Trump out of the White House. Isn’t it ironic that back when Obama won the republicans didn’t go around protesting?

Funnily enough, under the stop Donald Trump campaign the website this, “We pledge ourselves to speak out nonviolently in every way possible against the politics of hate, violence, and exclusion Donald Trump represents.” Yet many of their protests, and others have displayed violence. This organisation is saying they are against hate but they promote it in almost every way. is yet another organisation that is funded by George Soros. What a coincidence.

8. Anti-Trump Protests Were Paid For

Back in March 2016, there was a protest held outside Trump Tower. Surprisingly enough, those who protested were only there because they had responded to an advertisement on Cragslist. According to sources these protests are designed to stifle free speech, and the protests are actually paid for by those who support Clinton; George Soros, and Several Trump protesters admitted they were offered $16 an hour. Talk about faux protests.

  1. Suck it Up Buttercup

Imagine if your schools and Universities cancelled classes because you were just to upset at Trump getting elected to do any school work. Well that’s what happened over in America. In some schools students were given counselling, a dog, and even colouring books. Bobby Kaufmaan, Chairman of the Iowa House Oversight Committee believes the reactions are ridiculous. He wants to launch an investigation into state schools to see how many taxpayer dollars money are being spent on these “crybaby” reactions. And rightly so. The campaign is called Suck it Up Buttercup, and it seems that millennials should do exactly that.

  1. The Are Still Many Americans Unemployed


There are 7.8 million unemployed Americans to date, and not much has changed since August 2015. Could this be why Americans voted for Trump? They know he is a businessman and that he has given people jobs. People are tired of promises from politicians that don’t come true, of overpriced Obamacare, and now the people want something different. Although there weren’t the best options to choose from the voters made their choice. They’re fed up and they want their jobs back.

Bring Back Honest Reporting

People have erupted in horror at the result of this election, the sky is falling, the world is over! I doubt people would have over reacted as much if the media had taken a different angle to this whole campaign. Maybe we will see some strong and clear-eyed journalists reporting with transparency and fairness when Donald Trump enters the White House. We can only hope that the media does better coverage of all future events. After all that’s what they’re getting paid for.


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