A twisted love

“What on earth are you wearing?” Tonight she had made the extra effort to look nice for him, the black dress accentuated her curves. She had carefully done her hair and make-up so that maybe, just maybe, he would notice her for once. Her shoulders slumped at his response. She reached for a tissue in her handbag and said nothing as she wiped the lipstick off of her face.


A man is not hard to please, give him a beautiful woman to look at and he will be satisfied, especially if he can hold her in his arms. Of course this is how he felt when he first met his true love. He could not stop staring at her face, the way she laughed or when she dropped food on herself. He believed things were fine between them. Of course technology gave him freedom to do as he wished. Surely his partner could understand it is impossible for a man to have eyes for only one woman. 


The woman stared at the ring on her left finger as they sat at the table in the restaurant, twirling it round and around. What would happen if it fell off? Would it all be over? The man who had proposed to her was sitting across from her. His enthusiasm about life was something that had always appealed to her. Yet there she was staring at the other couples around the room. Each one had their own different story, their secrets and doubts. “Honey? Did you hear what I said?” She nodded, even though she had no interest in what he said anymore. Her hand picked at the food on her plate. Although it was her favourite dish she had lost her appetite.


Things were different a few years ago. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were glued together like any fresh romance. Every morning he would wake up to this woman. Just the smell of her hair or her skin would get him excited. He loved this woman, every inch of her. Now it seemed like a chore waking up to her, he had enough to deal with in life without having to worry about this woman and her needs. 


The woman did not feel goosebumps when they kissed. When their bodies touched and became one there was no passion. She was trapped because she loved him yet she felt miserable at the same time. The one person who was meant to listen to her sorrows or joys never did. She was merely a ghost, drifting between the world of love and hate.


The man turned away from the womans questioning eyes. He had got what he wanted and that was good enough for now. 


“Good night, I love you.” 

“I love you too.”


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