The end will be bitter sweet, the climax leading up to it will have you chewing your popcorn with your mouth wide open, bouncing kernels off of your tongue dropping kernels onto the floor. Although predictable, we are always left wanting more.
The movies. Where the screen is like a television that has been zoomed in on and frozen to create grand theatres across the globe. There is nothing quite like seeing your favourite characters and hero’s brought to life on the big screen. Or perhaps you are on the villians side. Either way, one must lose and one will win.

I remember the first movie I ever saw at the cinema was Snow White, I can’t remember when, but it was the start of an ongoing fascination with seeing people on screen. People pretending to be someone they aren’t. It is so believable. Perhaps that is what makes it so appealing. Or the fact that silent era has faded away and we now have better technology, sound, big explosions, laughter, romance, and horror. There are all sorts of genres to cater to our different tastes.

I have noticed over the years the various types of people there are that attend the cinema. Families, couples canoodling, people eating popcorn by themselves. Some people I have enjoyed going with, and others I have not. These are a few names I have come up with to describe the great and not so great movie buddies.

The planner: Now this person will plan weeks ahead to see a movie before it has even come out, a dedicated fan indeed. They will watch every trailer, mark the date on the calendar when the film comes out, check that it is playing in cinema where they live. They make sure they have someone to go with in advance, and of course there is always a back up plan just in case.

The texter: Going to the movies with a group of friends, cool. One of them texts the ENTIRE time. I mean really? Is texting that guy really more important than watching the movie before you that you have spent money on? What a waste. For goodness sake the screen light on the phone stands out like a torch in the cinema. It was so distracting as I was sitting right next to them, I was tempted to throw their phone away after asking politely for them to turn it off a few times. Goes to show how rude people are, especially with technology in their hands.

The spender: As we all now it now costs an arm and a leg to go see a decent movie. If you want food you will be needing at least $100, kidding, but at least around $50. Of course there is always one that needs the whole deal, popcorn, maltesters, a drink and some skittles on the side, yes I am guilty of having done this. It’s just that I honestly feel very strange if I’m not eating something at the cinema, as for the $6 bottle of water, I shall pass thanks.

The first date: The cliche setting, asking a girl or guy to the movies. People do this because they hardly know eachother, watching the movie means they won’t have to make awkward conversation, and also if it’s a scary movie the guy can swoop in and save the lady, or he can run away because he is more scared of the movie than she is, awkward. Whoever pays for the tickets seems to determine whether it is a date or not, so the question is, who is bringing out the wallet?

The emotional: I definitley get way to into movies, I cry, laugh, and get frustrated when the actors do silly things, like if a car is rolling towards you why run forward when you can turn left or right! When I saw hunger games the scene of the scary dog attack, the whole cinema cheered and clapped when the bad guy got justice, it’s times like that I love going to the movies.

The seat stealer: I sometimes book movies online if it’s a great one and I MUST get good seats. Just as I am about to choose the perfect area alas someone takes the seats! How frustrating. Oh well at least I tried, and I move along and get some good seats. Satisfied.

The 3D addict: Yup that’s me, I generally don’t waste me money unless the movie is one I have looked forward to for a long time, and is in 3D. Gotta love the glasses that are to big and always slip off your face.


I am sure there are more people, but in general what amazes me more than an annoying person to sit next to at the movies, is that films cost millions of dollars to make, is it all worth it though? Can that money be put to other use to help people in need? Or perhaps movie companies value our entertainment more, or money. Probably the money.

Have you had any bad movie experiences? Leave your comments below! 

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