August. It’s a new month like the smell of mouthwash breath. Fresh. Here are a few goals and improvements I’m working on for this month.

You can climb that staircase!

Keep my friends close
Sometimes studying, and other things can get in the way of seeing friends. Working late every weekend means I miss out on friends gatherings. So I’m sorry to my friend’s birthdays I may have missed. Plus most of my friends study as well so our catch ups always take a rain check. Just little things like a catch up and going to see a movie means a lot. To those I may not have seen in awhile I have not forgotten you. I will most likely be sending a friendly text your way soon.

Be a better person
Not everyone is perfect we can’t be happy all the time. Stress, lack of sleep, and work. It can take it’s toll. We won’t get a long with everyone, and some people just aren’t meant to stay friends. I don’t want people close to me to bear the wrath of my moods. I suppose you sign up for everything in a relationship, and a friendship. For good or bad times. You should be there whether they’re crying, and laughing on your shoulder. I want to feel better, and be better to those around me. To be kinder to myself instead of thinking something isn’t good enough. You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first right?

Write on my blog more
I abandon my poor blog for weeks or months at a time. Even if it is short or long blog, I hope to keep it going and make people laugh. Make them think. Even inspire them somehow.

Look for more writing opportunities
I’m at University studying the creative writing papers, and it’s great. I have learnt a lot so far. I want to actually gain experience whilst studying otherwise I’ll graduate and be sitting on the pavement with a half eaten snickers bar wondering what to do. I got close to getting an internship so it shows I can do it if I keep trying.

Do my best at University
I am in my second year of studying ,and am proud of how far I’ve come. Cute emails are sent from Massey saying I have “good grades” which surprised me, no complaints there.

Find a cause
Everyone on Facebook seems to have a passionate cause, such as “don’t eat meat!” or they have strong views on not wearing real fur. I want to find that. To find something to feel strongly about. To  encourage people to feel the same way as well. I am currently attending an inspiring workshop each Wednesday about women and leadership. Everyone has an interesting story there. It is good to know there are women who work hard to do what they love. Perhaps I will realize what cause I want to fight for.

Don’t be lazy
I’m taking small steps at getting back to the gym.I may not have the time to be a gym junkie and go everyday but at least 2-3 days a week is the aim with my favourite thing on the side. Pilates workouts at home. Where I can sweat and do funny looking moves without anyone judging me. I did a 1000 squats challenge the other day after no exercise for about three months. The next day the pain was real. I loved the feeling of it in a way. The accomplishment and just doing it without making excuses.

Spend less
A magic trick happens each week. I have money then poof it’s gone. Basically all of it goes on food which is unnecessary. I’m back to following a list with plenty of good stuff which goes along side my fitness goals. Hopefully it will save me some money as it did before. Which means I’ll have more money for other things, win win.

Don’t make excuses
I stay in my safe shell a lot of the time not ready to try things I haven’t before. If I want the job of my dreams or a great holiday one day. It’s time to stop making excuses and just save or put the hard work in for what I wan’t. No more time for “I’ll do it tomorrow” it’s time to start today.

Stand up for myself no matter what
A situation occurred this year which affected me a lot and others around me. It made me realize there are people out there who enjoy hurting other people. Who bully, and make people feel worthless. Sometimes it’s hard when people take sides. In the end things worked out, and I’m glad I shall never have to see that person again. It’s hard to forgive,and it’s taking me some time. I would rather do that then hate. Not saying you have to love a person you don’t like, but hate is just poison. It’ll eat away at you. Letting a person who has hurt you into your mind only lets them win. Banish them! Smile, watch funny cat videos, make fluffy pancakes. You’re awesome and have every reason to stick up for yourself. Been able to admit you’re wrong is important, but so is standing up for yourself when you’re rightThank you to the people who are always there for me.

Overall I have learnt a lot and am still learning. Feedback in anything is a great tool and has helped me tremendously with work, writing, study. I feel lucky for the chances I have been given, for the great family and friends I have, my dashing young man, a cool job, and of course glorious food whilst watching kids movies. People complain about things everyday, when you step back and look, you’ll see life isn’t so bad after all.

Do you have goals for this month? If you do, good luck with them all, take it a day at a time and you’ll be suprised.

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