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My cellphone is turned to silent, it stumbles on to the ground yet there is no time to retrieve it. The outside world can wait. I am in my own little cuccoon with the screen glaring at me. I do not want to move from my warm inviting bed, I don’t want to work or worry about day to day problems or the fact I have to communicate with other humans. I just want to eat all day and watch as many episodes as I can. Is that to much to ask for? Here are some signs I know, or you know that you have an obession with a TV show;

  • You revolve your schedule around your favourite shows
  • If you can’t watch your show, you sit around thinking about watching it
  • You make an excuse not to go to a friends party just so you can catch up on the latest episode
  • You get moody at the closest person to you, and have withdrawals if you can’t watch your show
  • When you get home you’re more excited to say hello to your TV family than to your real family
  • You use random quotes from the show and no one knows what you’re talking about 
  • You’ve considered naming your child or pet after a character on your Favourite TV Show
  • You post about your show on instagram, twitter, Facebook, everywhere.
  • You notice new characters on the show straight away who don’t have your approval yet, who the heck is that!
  • You say you’ll watch one episode…ten episodes later
  • You spent at least a whole day not changing your clothes, showering, and only leaving bed to eat and go toilet
  • You can’t fall asleep unless the show is playing in the background
  • You’ve seen every episode ever…

We all watch TV shows for different reasons. A interesting thing I got told from someone was;

“I see myself mirrored in the character, what I did in the past, I watch the show because I can relate to him/her.” 

It’s true, we connect to the characters who are strangers to us. You may not know these people but you feel you do because you see them fail and succeed. You seem them go through hard life problems you have been through. These characters become your “friends.” Or maybe you want to live in the fantasy, to be the character who does everything so perfectly. You may want to be the hero, the villian, a superhero or simply drive a nice car. To see these “perfect” characters slip up provide entertainment and drama. Inspiration can also come from a show, to reevaluate what you’re doing in your life or teach you what is right and wrong. I get so excited watching my favourite programs so here I shall name few.

Talk shows

Graham Norton Show

It is the funniest form of stand up comedy. I love everything from Graham’s outfits, his accent and voice, right down to the couches. Who knew interview shows could be so funny! He’s had basically every celebrity on the show and musician, with his good jokes and the chair that flings people off it if they have a terrible story to tell. My goal is to watch all the seasons in the holidays. I only have about 144 episodes to catch up on. Goodbye social life. Here are some funny moments from the show:

Jimmy Fallon Show

Late night talk shows are probably the funniest things ever, because it’s spontaneous. There is improv, it’s rare, fresh, and delicious. What I love about this show is Jimmy’s humour, the spoofs they do of shows, (which is how I discovered Breaking Bad) the fact he’s pretty much Justin Timberlakes BBF, and the effort he puts into his lip syncing. There is nothing more amazing than seeing my favourite celebrities Emma stone and Joseph Gordon Levitt pretending to sing so perfectly, all I do is win win win…

Comedy shows


Love this photo, such happiness!

A show that lasts as long as Friends did doesn’t come around very often. We watched these friends go from single to married, to moving houses, and falling out and hiding in boxes. We all have one or all of these friends in our life, Chandler, the sarcastic one who loves food so much, I can relate. Ross, the brainy, and not so lucky with the girls guy. Phoebe, the ditzy but hilarious girl you can’t help but love. Rachel, the girl next door, beautiful hair and smile who is just trying to find the right guy. Monica, the clean freak (SO ME) who needs everything organized, proposes to her best friend and is still just as funny in Cougar Town. In the show they triumph, they fall, but they’re the funniest friends of all.


The truth.

Miranda redefined the comedy world yet again. She has parties with her fruits that have make shift faces, cardboard cut outs of celebrities and she uses my most favourite word when explaining food, moist. Miranda is put in awkward hilarious and honest situations. She struggles to tell her friend Gary how she feels about him whilst trying to not always fall off a chair or argue with her Mother. Her book she wrote Is It Just Me? is truly something special, I read it eagerly and I think any one could relate to it. It’s down to earth, and like a journal she shared with the world. We all have our worries about our bodies and looks but Miranda says we should love our wonky selves, to not compare, or try to be something you aren’t. Just remember to love food, life, even if you don’t always get what you want like Miranda…

“A savoury muffin? Life is full of enough disappointments!”

Fresh Prince of Belair

Will Smith is on my list of favourite actors, he has comedy, and sweet catchy music. He wrote the rap at the start of Fresh Prince of Belair. Fun fact of the day. We’ve all sung the rap, don’t deny it. It was a rap that united us all. Will Smith defined swagger in this show with those amazing outfits. The 90s seemed like the best fashion runway of life. The family had it’s ups and downs and when Uncle Phil got angry, you know it’s going down. Carlton and Will are so completely different yet they had eachothers backs. Nothing is more entertaining then Carlton’s famous dance;

Kenan and Kel

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell starred in this American teen comedy from 1996-2000 but nothing can stop you from watching re runs even after the show is over. Kenan is a high school student who works at a grocery sote, and Kel is his best friend who has a eternal love for orange soda. You know you’re a 90’s kid when you drink orange soda and think of Kel. The coolest part was when at the start of each episode they would both stand in front of the audience in character with Kel asking what the shows episode would be about. 

Aw here it goes!

Singing show


Oh how I miss the old cast

I love to sing (not in public) which is why I adore this show. For years I watched Glee and learnt many valubale lessons, it covers basically every teenage stereotype, dealing with identity issues, teenage heartbreak, bullying, and rebellion. What better way to do that than with song? Life is a musical! Oh how I wish it was. When Cory died in real life (Finn on the show) during that episode I cried so much, more than I have after any break up, or not having any chocolate, because he was gone in real life. The best performances are the emotional ones for sure. Don’t stop believin’ hold on to that feelin’

Top of the Pops

All the English kids will remember this show. Top of the Pops was where it all started in 1964. It was only meant to last a few programmes but lasted 42 years. It was a British chart TV show showing the best songs and artists of that week. I still remember running downstairs screaming because the band Blue was on. This show catapulted some stars to fame, and others simply disappeared. It was a sad year for 2006 when the show was cancelled, gone but not forgotten.

The Voice

Now bare with me here, you may not like singing shows but the idea of this show is really cool and one judge known as Christina Aguilera is my voice idol. In other singing shows you see a typical “pretty” person put through to the next round based on how they look, sometimes they have the whole package the voice and look. Sitting in a chair hearing steps slowly approach and waiting to hear a voice, then pushing a button and spinning around in the chair with eagerness is how it should be.

American Idol

The people on this show are so dramatic. Some performances are so painful you wonder if the contestants are being serious, or have being put up to competing for a dare. People cry and have tantrums. This show has gone down hill since the original judges have gone, (Nicki Minaj just ruined the show for me) the king judge of them all is Simon Cowell who has created number one boy bands like McFly who are so underrated. One Direction, they have songs that are so annoying and catchy you end up singing along. Cowell is the only one who’s ever honest even if it makes people cry.

Drama shows


Hot cast. Hot acting. Hot drama.
Hot cast. Hot acting. Hot drama.

Amanda spends her whole life training to seek revenge for her Father to clear his name for a crime he did not commit. The Grayson family who betrayed him his Amanda’s constant target. She works her way into the family and slowly commits revenge. Amanda hides her identity with the name Emily Thorne. There are constant love triangles, heartbreak, sudden deaths, fights, and broken families. I never thought I would get into this show but I am about to go watch a new episode out now. I sense a season finale next week. SO INTENSE!!

Game of Thrones

This show is fantasy drama at it’s best! The start of the show/introduction gives you enough time to rush to the toilet or grab a quick snack. People throw Game of Thrones dress up parties, and watching the season finale is the most anticipated moment of the year. The show is inspired a lot by European history from the English Wars of the Roses, to the vikings. You’re being entertained and seeing history performed with a dash of nudity dragons, social hierarchy, religion, loyalty, corruption, civil war, crime, and punishment. There are also dragons, horrible deaths, and half dead white walkers as well. But who shall  sit on the iron throne? 

Do you have a favourite character? John Snow hello.  I personally just like to yell;

You know nothing John Snow!

Looking dashing in and out of their costumes

Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston is no longer the innocent funny Father we see in Malcom in the Middle. He redefines his career by playing Walter White, the name is just as catchy as the shows theme song. Walter is a science teacher who lives with his son who has cerebral palsy, and his soon to be pregnant wife in New Mexico. He is shocked when he finds out he has cancer. Walter decides to use his scientific skills to make crystal meth with his old student Jesse (Aaron Paul) to ensure his family will have money after he is gone. Lies, money, and power drive Walter to the point of turning into a heartless killer who still has good intentions for the ones he loves. Yet he loses his wife, kids, and pants many times. Heizenberg is Walter’s name on the market, the hat just makes it even better. This show was like a drug to me, I would get up at 7am some weekends just to catch up on episodes, even close to exams I did this. Oops. Never again. Ahem. I needed to see what happened! Check out the top 25 best moments here. Although the show became a cultural phenomenon and won many awards, we can’t forget how the amazing Jesse made the word bitch sound so appealing.

Final credits

I miss the old cartoons like Scooby Doo, Ed Ed and Eddy, Code name kids next door, cartoons are awesome! Cartoon network and Nickelodeon used to be amazing, the Amanda Show woot woot. All these new hip try hard funny kids programmes just aint my thang. Now I could go on and on about other shows I’ve watched but then I would never stop writing. Don’t feel offended if I haven’t seen your show yet or mentioned it here. Different tastes  makes the world go around. Mention your favourite show in the comments! I’m always looking for a good show to cling on to and watch happily ever after. I wish you all well and hope your TV shows satisfy you, make you laugh and cry. These actors wouldn’t be anywhere without their fans which is why they work extra hard to please and entertain you. Watch it, Appreciate it, embrace it, oh and don’t forgot the popcorn.

Making them girls swoon

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