V for Valentines

Any day of the year you’re entitled to prance around happily single laughing at couples who have romps in public. Rolling your eyes those in love. It’s fine to be free. Nobody cares until Valentines day.

You’re reminded how alone you are simply by a date on the calendar. A date.  How cruel of them to call it that. My yearly ritual used to be watching Pride and Prejudice by myself with a box of chocolates. Wishing Mr Darcy would pop out of my closet with his dashing top hat. Then it would be back to reality where the only thing that pops out of my closet is a bundle of sheets I attempted to fold. Alas, pause and realize there are so many fun things to do on Valentines day for those who are single to mingle;

  • Go to town with your friends and party.
  • Ring up your parents and tell them how much you love them!
  • Buy your friends silly gifts, have a sleepover and throw popcorn at one another. 
  • Treat yourself to a shopping spree buy yourself something nice you’ve earned it.
  • If you’re feeling down write a list of thing you love about yourself. As vain as it sounds, because if you don’t love yourself how can you love anyone else? 
  • Dress up as Cupid, run around shooting rubber arrows at people yelling “gotcha!”


Valentines encourages to shower their partner in roses and chocolate. Propose with a burger ring, say the L word whilst throwing Taco’s in the air.

Short relationships: For those in new relationships you perhaps feel this day is a reminder of how little you know about your person. You may not have had time to ask your partner all their favourite things in the world during an intense french kiss. You become like 50 Cent asking twenty one questions to make sure you get the right present without scaring them away.

Long relationships: Now if you’ve being dating for many many moons spice things up a bit if things are a bit like a washing machine going around on the same cycle..continue reading. Here I have my top ten tips of what I believe can be done. Tt doesn’t always have to be the male taking charge. Ladies it’s time for you to dominate. Break the cliche rules for once and sweep your man off their feet. Let the games begin. 

My top ten tips for Valentines day

1) Suprise them: Before the evening arrives send them something cute at work. Flowers, edible flowers, a cute handmade card. Just don’t give away what you have planned for later. 

2) Gift time: It doesn’t have to be extravagant or cost a million dollars. Not all women want teddy bears and most men can buy their own after shave. If you have a personal joke with your partner, make something out of that, a photo, a quote on something. Get creative!

3) Set the mood: Dress up in something nic not revealing to much flesh ladies. You want them to at least get through the first course. Spray yourself and your pillows (for later) with your signature perfume he/she loves. If they pass out you may have sprayed to much. 

4) Make him/her dinner: There is no better way to a mans heart than by food. If you’re boyfriend/girlfriend is always doing nice things for you, buying you coffee, food. Well it’s time to turn the tables and make them dinner. Takeaways is cheating sorry Mrs Doubtfire but it is. If you can’t even cook toast or an egg,practice a few easy dishes. It’s so much more special to eat home made food. If you refuse to cook book reservations for somewhere nice.

5) Serenade them: If you’re into music, play an instrument. Dedicate a song to them. 

6) Do a little dance: This is mostly for the ladies if you’re feeling really confident, and at ease with this person learn a simple but sexy dance for your man.

7) Pour a glass: What’s for dessert? Who knows. Buy some sort of dessert you both enjoy. Pour a glass of wine and make a toast. You should feel comfortable exploring things with your partner, and been able to openly communicate. 

8) Bath time: If you’re feeling romantic have a bath with some candles. Even better when you have the bath to yourself. I love this scene with Chandler in the bath. Relax, and leave all your troubles behind. You need bubbles lots of bubbles. 

9) Movies: If you both never have the time to snuggle up and watch a movie together now is the time. Try to find a movie you’ll both enjoy. So you aren’t crying while your partner awkwardly pats your back. Some of my favourites;

  1. Never been kissed – My all time favourite movie of Drew Barrymore which I’ve watched about 198394 times. 
  2. Dirty Dancing – I have a weakness for dance movies.
  3. Hitch – Never fails to make me laugh.
  4. 40 Days and 40 nights – Great message about waiting for that right person. 
  5. When Harry Met Sally. A funny movie that will make anyone laughh.

10) Remember how you first met. It’s probably the most memorable thing to do something you did on your first date. Bring up your first memory or thought of them. Talk about how great they are. Compliments compliments. So much better when they mean something. 

You poured wine on me by accident, and then I knew…

(whilst pouring them wine, in a glass of course) Bit of a dramatization but hey. It shows you’re still just as crazy about this person the day you locked eyes even though time has passed.

That’s all folks

So there you have it! Don’t attempt all of these unless you’re feeling like you have a lot of time such as a whole day or at least an evening. If you already have something planned for your special someone,. I wish you the best of luck and may the romance follow you in the air like a fly that just won’t go away. To all the single ladies and gentleman out there some of you may not care about this day, and some might. Either way just remember each year you get a birthday which is a day about YOU. As well as other holidays you get to stuff your face with chocolate whenever you feel like it so chin up and smile because;

You is kind, you is smart, you is important – The Help

Happy Valentines everyone. 


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