He Likes Me He Likes Me Not

Ever wanted to know what on earth a guy is thinking? Sure there is guy “advice” splattered across the media in magazines. But I decided to ask a male friend my age a few questions that gets girls knickers in a twist. Ladies, if you are stuck in a pickle have no fear, all your answers (most of them) are here…

1) How do you think girls should show a guy they like them? 

I think that there isn’t a perfect way a girl can show how they like a guy. Every girl is different, maybe see how she acts around other guys, then the guy will see if she is more fliratious with them or not.

2) Girls overthink when a guy doesn’t reply, what makes you not want to text a girl back?

A lot of different things. If you text a guy to much then he most likely will never text you back, Maybe text him once. Leave it for a day or two. If he doesnt reply, then there is your answer.

3) What makes a girl attractive in your eyes?

Many different things really. Every girl is different and what a certain guy finds attractive may not be the same as another. Personality is my single attration, but they have to be visually attractive too.

4) If a guy asks you to come round and watch a movie is that simply asking for “it” to happen?

Some guys use this as a signal to say “come around and have sex with me?” it sounds bad but would you rather have a guy asking the sex question, or the movie question. A movie is a great way to cuddle up and get close to one another. Then you never know one thing might lead to another.

5) Why do guys say they like a girl, then never talk to them again/hardly ever?

Um, I dont know to be honest. Seems a bit stupid. If you like someone obviously you like someone. If they aren’t making contact then you aren’t their number one priority. It’s like “I do like you but you’re not the only one out there.”

6) Why do guys cheat? 

According to science males are designed to mate with as many different mates as possible. It’s biology I guess, but sometime the attractiveness that you may have once had with your partner may have been lost. Personally I would never do it, because I’ve seen it happen and it ruins people.

8) G-strings, yes or no? I don’t find them attractive, it looks like something rubbing against their ass.

9) How did you used to tell girls you liked them? I used to walk up to girls in primary school and tell one or two people I liked them. Today it seems to shameful and embarassing because the feeling of rejection hurts.

10) When do you know a girl is getting to clingy?

She just wants to spend every single moment with you, and if she finds any time, you are screwed! I think if this happens you need to let them know that they are getting clingy. If she doesn’t listen, restraining order, kidding.

11) You see a girl in town, which dress is better, tight short dress or loose short dress?

Neither. Cocktail dresses are the thing that turns me on.

12) How do you know a girl is confident? 

By the way she acts around people in general, you will normally act confident around your friends, but not around people you have never met, if she does both, this is when you know she is confident.

12) Curves or super skinny body?

Curves! It’s just nicer to look at and feel and everything. Curves are more natural, you can tell they aren’t starving themselves. Skinny bodies you can see bones and it’s kind of gross.

13) Eye contact, what are you thinking when you have “eye sex” with someone?

Slowly undressing them…

14) How does a girl go from a “fling” or friends with benefits to a girlfriend in your opinion?

The whole point of “flings” or “friends with benefits” is to have no strings attatched, so when someone is like “ok we’re stopping now” one person always seems to get attatched to the other. It’s pretty much a relationship without calling it that. If a girl has sex with the guy on a regular basis, it doesn’t make them “easy” maybe they just enjoy eachothers company and sex, and that’s it. Rather than the lovey dovey stuff.

15) Have you ever said the “L” word to someone?

No. and I’m glad I haven’t. I thought I did love my ex girlfriend, but I started to find someone else attractive. So I broke up with her and it was probably the best thing to do in the situation I was in.

16) Girls get in a fluster over guys, either they think a guy is to shy, aren’t interested, how on earth do we know a guy likes us?

When I like a girl, normally anything they say I find interesting, even if the topic was as boring as doing the dishes. If a girl thinks a guy is to shy they should just go for it!

17) What is the worst kiss you have ever experienced? Drunk kisses are disgusting, sloppy and wet.

18) Did you get attatched to the person you lost your “V plates to”? No because it was a one night stand, and it didn’t mean anything. Some guys do care though, if they’re in a relationship with that person perhaps or something.

18) How does a girl get your attention? Touch the “D” and you’ll get my attention. Nah I’m kidding. Be spontaneous!

19) What are the three main reasons guys go to town? Have fun, get laid, find someone new.

20) Have you often not told a girl you like them because of the fear of rejection? Yes, guys get as scared as much as girls do when it comes to saying you like them.

21) How often do you think about sex? All guys think about sex a lot.

22) Would you kiss a girl after she gave you a BJ? Ew no! Might as well suck myself.

23) For a date what do you enjoy? A way to get to know the other person, perhaps not the movies. Going out to dinner, lunch, breakfast.

24) If a girl you likes farted around you what do you do? It means they’re comfortable around you or it wasn’t meant to happen

25) High pitched or low voice? Husky voices, slightly, not like they smoke a hundred cigarettes a day.

26) Would you rather be with a “pretty” girl with a horrible personality or an “not so pretty” girl with a great personality? I reckon it’s a difficult question, but in the long run personality will truimph over looks.

27) What is your dream girl? I don’t really have one, it can change all the time.

28) Would you date someone a lot younger than you? Half plus seven rule, so I wouldn’t go lower than 17.

29) Do you believe in work romance? No because you’ve got to give yourself space, and the workplace is one of the only places you can get that. If it goes wrong, someone probably has to quit.

30) Big boobs or small boobs? I’d rather have boobs than no boobs

31) Do you think you have to be with someone to be happy? No, I haven’t dated someone in four years and I’m happy. Sometimes it’s good to be alone.

32) Would you break up by text or person? Person, breaking up by text is one of the worst things you can do. It’s the thing with digital communication, its changed the way people think and it’s kind of dumb. People need to start talking to eachother face-to-face again.

33) Why do you watch porn? First time I watched it I was 12, because it’s my alone time I guess among other things.

34) If you had a chance to tell a girl what they were doing wrong if you were dating would you? YES, anyone would get offended if they got told they were doing something wrong.

35) What do you wish girls did more often? Girls think guys should make the first move but it should be 50/50. Girls get to scared, but its the same thing with guys. We get scared to!

Thank you for your time love guru, until next time.

One thought on “He Likes Me He Likes Me Not

  1. Honestly I don’t think much, as a man. Actually I think very little. But I am extremely direct so that may be the problem! But well written, good job and I love the background buddy! 🙂

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