Friends, Food, Future

There is a time in a persons life when they must let go of the Peter Pan dream and grow up. I have never quite grasped the concept of this. As I packed my bags for the big adventure awaiting me, reality hit me. I felt as if I was stomping on Lego that had been left on the ground, scattered in a distorted pattern, pain seeping through me with every step. How could all of my life belongings fit in a few mere boxes and suitcases? Each item of clothing and furniture I sold had a small memory on it etched into the fine lines of fabric. A small secret that would stay with it yet to be discovered. As I tore photos down from the wall I realized how much I was leaving behind. I did not want to utter the words goodbye.

Since moving to Wellington for University I have narrowed down the things I miss:

New Plymouth  – Where the mountain looks as if it has been dipped in a box of luxurious french vanilla ice cream with chocolate delicately sprinkled on top. Where sand on the beach is black turning into a furnace in the summer. A dance is done like somewhat tribal warriors to race to the water before ones feet become burnt from the malicious grains of hot sand. Having a mountain, and the sea in ones peripheral vision is like a double rainbow. Two seasons of difference in one. Winter and summer. No words can fully capture it. A photo would if I could be bothered to buy a camera.

Friends – Moving away has made me realize who genuinely wants to stay in touch. IF they don’t bother then that says it all really. We all have to meet halfway when it comes to communicating. There is technology, letters, owls to send letters or pigeons. Yet nothing quite compares to a good ol’ jolly catch up in person with people I spent years with.


Food – It is 90 per cent the reason I look forward to going home. Mommas cooking. I can’t remember the last time I had one of her dashing roast Sunday meals.  I have consumed so much junk food since moving here, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Asian food have morphed into my best friends. When it comes to flat grocery shopping each week I have a party each time. Grabbing tins of tuna like there’s no tomorrow, and peanuts covered in chocolate. Addictive little things. Can’t beat them Pak N Save sales.

“food is there to be enjoyed, so enjoy it”

I say this to people who tell me they are on diets where they can only eat in between certain times, and certain foods. Any food can be bad for you if you eat to much of it. Go buy that pizza and STOP feeling guilty, shove your whole face in it to remind yourself what you’ve been missing out on whilst you were eating those lettuce leaves.

Money –  Have you ever had a certain goal to save but have failed miserably? Welcome to my world, the best of both worlds. Where you are poor in each one. Some teenagers these days are handed money to them from their parents on a golden platter, soz-agues about it.  There is nothing wrong with it, but I am glad I was brought up in a way where me, myself and I earn the money which I continue to waste.

Life is a never ending cycle of earning money and spending it. I have earned so much in my lifetime so where on earth does it all go? RENT, food and rent, tattoos. The only time I seem to have saved a good amount was for my tattoo. Perhaps I should try and pretend I’m about to get a huge tattoo, to inspire me to save for new years. I shall be losing my Rhythm and Vines virginity because I am going for the first time this year hence why I am attempting to save $1000 or more. Why not try and set yourself a challenge to? You may be surprised with how you go. One, two, three, leggo

Must. Stop. Sleeping. In.
I must not sleep in. I must not sleep in. I must not sleep in.

Things I treasure

Nanna naps – Don’t get offended if I don’t reply to you on Facebook, text, viber, snapchat, or on the next version of iPhone3604894, I’m most likely at work, doing study, or sleeping. That is all. I sleep in far to much, my loud alarm clock that sounds like a fire truck clearly isn’t doing me any favours. Purely because my lovely flatmate came into my room the other day, pulled the covers off my bed and yelled that he would be waking me up if I missed my screeching  alarm again. He then proceeded to drag me out of my warm bed despite my weak protests. Fabulous.

Beanies – My hair saviour. These glorious things are the perfect invention. With the wind here in Wellington there really is no point in doing my hair. I think beanies are stuck to my head. I wear it almost everyday. It has double benefits. Hides a bad hair day, and keeps my head warm. Win win.

Exercise – I used to go to the gym almost everyday back home, then I moved here and turned into a potato. Mashed potato, roast potato. Potato. I am terrible at this, my balance of time is not so marvelous. By the time I have finished work or a day of University I can hardly be bothered shedding off my day clothes, and slithering into bed. I have a new found passion for Pilates though. That is when I can muster the energy to do them. No pain no gain right?

Good beats – Everyone needs some of these to get them through the day. I always pop on some Beyonce in the morning to get me inspired to have a productive day. All the single ladies all the single ladies. Dancing around the room whilst getting ready is much more amusing than without music. Shimmy to the cupboard, shimmy while you do your hair, and flip your hair dramatically after a shower. Who needs a hairdryer anyway.


Baking – Sometimes I go on a baking rampage, making muffins, flapjacks, apple crumble. Delicious and nutritious. Saves money and also equals a bit of creative time, throwing flour into the bowl leads to myself being covered in flour. I feel like Jamie Oliver, minus the olives. He is a master of a chef, a genius. I for one simply Google recipes when I get stuck in a pickle. I made a fabulous lasagna with my flatmate the other week, a very proud moment. There should be a worldwide lasagna day, I am sure Garfield would be proud.


Most of my nights are now spent at Massey library until about 10 or 11pm doing study.  I love writing and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have good food, friends here and back home, and a future ahead of me. As long as I don’t overthink as much as I blink. I am excited for what is to come. Although it is costing a fortune, I have a few good ten million years, or a tad less, to pay of my student loan. So on with the adventure Peter Pan!

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