He Likes Me He Likes Me Not

Ever wanted to know what on earth a guy is thinking? Sure there is guy “advice” splattered across the media in magazines. But I decided to ask a male friend my age a few questions that gets girls knickers in a twist. Ladies, if you are stuck in a pickle have no fear, all your […]

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Friends, Food, Future

There is a time in a persons life when they must let go of the Peter Pan dream and grow up. I have never quite grasped the concept of this. As I packed my bags for the big adventure awaiting me, reality hit me. I felt as if I was stomping on Lego that had […]

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Sleep. I cannot keep it. I cannot find it. I long to hold on. To experience the sweet sensation of a satisfying sleep. It is a shadow laughing, and taunting. Escaping my grasp relentlessly. Pillow. I turn it over, goose bumps latching on to me. The coldness is refreshing and reviving. I long for it […]

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