Walkway get’s new upgrade in New Plymouth

the community get their wish after complaining that the conditions of the walkway were slippery and dangerous

A combination of people power and fresh funds mean the Huatoki Walkway Project has been extended to reach a further 1.2km of the path.

The original work included 1.4km of the walkway from Vivian St to the Frankley Rd Maratahu St intersection but now extra walkway and footpath beside Frankley Rd has also been included.

When the project was first discussed local residents formed the Upper Huatoki User Group (Uhug) to lobby for the work to go further.

Uhug spokesperson Janeen Page said the group was happy at how fast the New Plymouth District Council had responded to their ideas.

“It’s brought the neighbourhood together a lot, you stop and talk to people who you might not have usually seen. People are walking rather than driving,” Ms Page said.

Project manager Stuart Skene said reallocated funding and requests from the community had prompted the rethink.

“Some of the other planned Let’s Go projects couldn’t proceed so the money for those projects went into this one. It made sense to spend it where a lot of people wanted something to be done,” Mr Skene said.

“The paths were slippery and muddy so we’ve changed the gradient of the paths and tried to lower the high bits and lift the low bits.”

The new plan includes a bridge across the Huatoki Stream near the Glenpark Ave entry point that will allow a connecting path to be constructed to the bottom end of Sycamore Grove.

The Huatoki Walkway project is part of the $1 million Lets Go Project that is funded by the council and central Government and aims to promote walking or cycling as an alternative means of transport.

“These walkway upgrades are not just for casual recreational use, the main intention is to make them more suitable for people to choose to commute to and from work on the walkways or to town without using their car,” said Mr Skene.

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