Witt says goodbye to a cherished staff member

Eirene Voon may be retiring after almost 20 years as a WITT librarian but books and reading will continue to play a central part in her life.

“I’m a passionate book person. I’ve read so much.  When I’m reading, I’m immersed in the book that I’m currently in,” said Mrs Voon.

Now the 66-year-old will be able to read using the latest technology — a Kindle gifted to her by Witt staff.

“Now I can read to my heart’s content and not have 10 books to carry in my luggage when we are on our travels.”

Mrs Voon started at Witt in 1993 after arriving from the Shell Todd library and at first did small jobs such as desk work and covering books.

“I’ve always enjoyed working in libraries, going to libraries and using them, as for becoming a librarian that didn’t really happen until I came here,” she said.

Mrs Voon, who began studying towards her librarian’s certificate aged 50, said there was more to being a librarian than people thought.

“Libraries don’t just happen. There’s a reason why everything’s arranged, how they are catalogued so that people can find what they are looking for. These are the things that you find out when you’re studying,” she said.

“Books don’t just hop on the shelves.”

Mrs Voon, whose most recent role buying books for the institute had been one of her favourites, said the Witt library had change dramatically in her time there.

“We didn’t have any glass doors. People would just walk past and not know what was inside.”

It used to be very strict too. There was no talking eating or drinking allowed, she said.

“Some people found it very intimidating to come here.”

Mrs Voon said technology had also changed radically, and the library’s website now helped students tremendously.

Manager student support services Zenetta Hinton said that Mrs Voon would be a huge loss to the library and Witt as a whole.

“She was an outstanding employee, 100 per cent meticulous in everything she did and nothing was too much, and she is a warm kind and caring person.”

Mrs Voon said she was looking forward to spending more time with husband George and her family but wouldn’t forget the friendships she had made at Witt.

 “I will miss the people, it’s a great team that we have here now.  It’s been a wonderful place to work and with the current leadership it is very student focused and caring for the students.”Image

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