Teacher earns new diploma


Welbourn Primary School principal Kay Crofskey is nothing if not a multi-tasker.

On top of running a busy school, the 58-year-old has completed a two-year Diploma in Maori  Language (Te Tohu Mohiotanga) at the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki.

This afternoon she will be among 327 Witt students whose success is celebrated at the institute’s diploma and degree graduation ceremony at the TSB Showplace.

 “What really appealed with the Witt course is that it was very Taranaki based with a really strong component around not just building the language, but language that was specific to Taranaki iwi and also the history of this area,” Mrs Crofskey said.

In 2009 she graduated with a Certificate in Maori Language (Te Wera Maori) and enjoyed being a student so much she continued with her study.

“I just loved being back in a learning environment. One of the biggest things was knowing what it feels like again to be in a place where the learning is new.”

Her busy day job and the commute from home in Waitara meant Mrs Crofskey had to manage her time carefully.

“I’m pretty in busy in my job here and at certain times in the year it was extremely hard to balance it around study,” she said. “But once I made the decision that I was doing it . . . I really prioritised making sure I was there at the classes.”

Mrs Crofskey, who completed the diploma with colleague Trent Martin, said she they been able to apply what they had learned at Welbourn Primary.

“It’s made a difference for me in my job as a school leader, promoting things that are going to make a difference for our Maori learners and having a better understanding of what’s important here in Taranaki, she said.

“We’ve used it a lot in our learning and brought it into the school in a natural way.”

And Mrs Crofskey not finished yet.  She’s continuing her study of Maori language through  Te Reo Taranaki .

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