Wedding Planning; Where to Start?

I recently got engaged to a handsome young man who surprised me with a beautiful ring. After all the celebrations and congratulations, you chuckle with your fiancé because you can now call them your fiancé. Then reality sinks in. I realise we actually have to start planning our wedding eventually. What do I wear? Do I […]

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Why You Should Box

Imagine this, a tall person with long arms showing up to a new boxing class. Yes, this was me a few months ago. I felt like an awkward giraffe who had no idea what to do. In my mind, I thought I looked like Rocky Balboa though. I was a little bit embarrassed at first […]

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Top Tourist Spots in Rotorua

If you’ve never been to Rotorua it’s a town with beautiful scenery, tourist destinations, and hot weather! My partner and I finally visited the place. Of course, the first thing you may notice is an egg smell, which is from the geysers and hot springs. You might get used to it, and it’s stronger in some […]

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How Going Back to Church Saved Me

In our scientific, rational age, spiritual beliefs are often shrugged off as myth. Such as Christianity. When you say this word to people these days they often scrunch up their face or run the other direction. To be fair I turned into one of those people. So this blog is quite a personal journey of […]

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First Tattoo Tips

When it comes to tattoos, it’s something I’ve always been fascinated about. It brings so much character to a person, and over the years I’ve found it’s such a great conversation starter. I notice quite a few people asking questions about what they should get or where to even start. In this blog, I thought […]

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How to Deal with Negative Co-workers

In life, you may always come across difficult situations, bosses, or co-workers. Working with a negative co-worker is like a bad apple. This can affect your whole team in many ways right down to the core. So how do you approach people with a bad attitude? Overcoming work obstacles and negative employees can not only […]

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Dazed and Dandy

Jade Dandy is a glowing image of someone who has overcome so much. In her pink vintage dress, with her hair flowing down her shoulders, she oozes elegance. Like a mysterious woman from the 60’s, she stands surrounded by retro flowers. Here she is healthy and happy, but you wouldn’t guess from a first glance […]

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My Journey to Clear Skin

Growing up as a teenager, I suffered from bad skin. Now, this isn’t just one spot here or there. It was the type of skin that made me want to cancel plans and hide at home. It sounds dramatic but it was red, puffy, and not fun. Not just your typical breakout, we’re talking mountains […]

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The Mindful Minute Challenge

Exciting things are happening in the mental health space, especially in New Plymouth. Last week I got to sit down and catch up with my lovely friend Natalie who has been super busy! In between a delicious coffee and some lunch she told me about her latest project. It’s a beautifully designed book targeting mental […]

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A Political War

Just like in my last blog I was curious to see how the media covered events in the past few weeks. It has become popular to condemn people on social media and condemn the President. If you don’t call Trump names you’ll most likely be told to sit in the corner because you’re a “fascist” […]

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How to Avoid a Flatting Disaster

Moving into a flat can be an exciting time for any teenager. You finally get to have a slice of independence, have your own room, and begin your life of adulthood. When you meet your flatmates everything seems great at first and they seem so wonderful to live with. But soon enough you’ll realize there […]

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Twenty two

Well I’m now twenty two. There have been plenty of milestones and great memories. A few fashion disasters, and a mullet at some point in my childhood due to an accidental hair cut. Most of all in this post I wanted to share a few things I think are important. 1) Believe in yourself. You have to […]

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Essano Superfoods Review

If you aren’t familiar with Essano they’re vegan, cruelty-free, organic, made here in New Zealand and my favourite skincare product! The new Essano Superfoods range has rejuvenated my skin from dull to more vibrant and fewer breakouts. So what’s the secret? The Superfoods range combines the natural power of raw, organic, cold-pressed plant extracts. The superhero ingredients […]

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